• Compliant Friendly
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Simple Implementation
  • Time Savings
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easily attaches to clothing
  • Refill is quick and simple
  • Flexible Use

Clean Your Stethoscope

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AGNS-SHERRYLNS is now a proud partner with Cleanint to provide the Cleanstethoscope! 

At AGNS, we specialize in fast delivery of the healthcare products you rely on to make your work easier.Read More

Save Costs

The Cleanstethoscope cleans while maintaining your stethoscope's audio functions. 

Clean your stethoscope after each patient contact with the germ killing chamber that disinfects without damaging your stethoscope. 

Protect Patients and Staff

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Dirty Stethoscope?

  • Cleans Continuously
  • Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Improve patient outcomes


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PH 713.859.6661(US)

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Healthcare Acquired Infections lead to millions in additional healthcare costs each year. Improve infection control with use of clean stethoscope from AGNS-SHERRYLNS!

NEW-Now providing the Cleanstethoscope!*


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The spread of a potentially nasty bacterial strain that can survive many antibiotics....... From patients to doctors’ stethoscopes and hands, these germs were transferred from patients to doctors 76 percent of the time – after a single physical examination.