You wouldn’t wear the same gloves to examine multiple patient, so why would you examine them with a stethoscope that has the potential to be a deadly disease carrier? Cleanstethoscope:

  Kills Bacteria and Germs

  Does Not Damage Stethoscope

  Audio Functions are Maintained

  The Cleanstethoscope comes with a magnet that allows you to wear it on your uniform on your chest or in your pocket as shown.

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A Simple Solution to a Deadly Problem!

"The Cleanstethoscopeis a product that cleans while maintaining your stethoscope’s audio function."

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We make it simple, to be healthy!

AGNSis now a proud partner with Cleanint to provide the Cleanstethoscope! Improve infection control with the use of the Cleanstethoscope cleaning system . Clean your stethoscope after each patient contact and reduce the chances of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) in Medical Offices, Surgical Centers and Hospitals with the germ killing chamber that disinfects without damaging your stethoscope.

Simple to be healthy..

Protect Patients and Staff

Cleans continuously

Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Improve patient outcomes

Ease of Use

Ergonomic design

Easily attaches to clothing

Refill is quick and simple

Flexible use

Save Budget Dollars

Low cost solution

Simple implementation

Complaint friendly

Time savings